Quiel’s IRS Battle

When interviewed by The Hill regarding the outcome of his feud with the FBI, President Trump stated,

“I hope to be able to put this up as one of my crowning achievements that I was able to…. expose something that is truly a cancer in our country.”

President Trump rallied in Springfield, Missouri and promised to get rid of the

“lingering stench”

at the Department of Justice.

Attorney Christopher Rusch, aka Christian Reeves, Turned IRS Informant

FOX News link

“The Court has carefully considered the filings of the parties as well as today’s hearing and the court finds for purposes of sentencing these defendants that the Government has failed to carry its burden of proof by a preponderance of the evidence, much less by clear and convincing evidence, that the tax loss exceeds zero.” – The Honorable James A. Teilborg, Judge

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