Company became a leader in Clean Electric Transportation and Storage Technologies.

  • In the first year, the parent company of Legend Advisor invested $5,000 into the issuer. This was the first infusion of cash into the issuer. The issuer was a biodegradable cleaning chemical company.

  • In the third year, Legend assisted in referring private investors for $41,500.

  • In the fifth year, one of Legend’s contacts brought an invention to Legend. The invention was a piece of magnesium put into saltwater that caused electricity to run a fan. The byproduct of the magnesium melting in salt water was hydrogen. Based on the technology hydrogen could be created on the fly on a vehicle without carrying a large tank of hydrogen.

  • Legend helped secure $1.4 million bridge loan to acquire the hydrogen technology. Legend’s parent company was one of the primary investors.

  • Using the proceeds from the bridge loan, the issuer contracted NASA Jet Propulsion Labs to advance the technology. ASU also entered into a license agreement with exclusive license patent rights to mechanically fed metal air fuel cell as a high energy source.

  • The magnesium-based system was advanced by JPL to produce hydrogen fuel and electricity on demand.

  • Legend introduced the issuer to investment banker who raised $12 million in an offering.

  • The issuer paid back the entire bridge loan.

  • In the sixth year with the proceeds from the offering, the issuer was able to acquire three other companies with additional IP’s.

  • One of the technologies was a fast charging battery. This acquisition allowed the issuer to be selected for a $99 million grant from the government U.S. Department of Energy to undertake the largest deployment of electronic vehicles.

  • In the seventh year, the issuer excepted the grant from the U.S. Department of Energy for $99 million. The issuer partnered with Nissan North America and the project was to be implemented in the Nissan LEAF, which was a zero-emission electric vehicle.

  • The company was then listed on NASDAQ and continued to raise capital in excess of $125 million.

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