Michael Quiel

Michael Quiel, Managing Principal for Legend, has more than 30 years of investment banking experience. Mr. Quiel has extensive experience in Syndication, Trading, Capital Formation and Capital Raising. Since 2000, he has managed his own investments through Legend Advisor.

Mr. Quiel began his Securities career as a Stock Broker in January 1987. In 1988, after the crash of 1987, the Securities market was in shambles. Over the next seven years Mr. Quiel successfully opened and built two Stock Brokerage Companies.

In the mid 90’s Mr. Quiel, because of the experience and knowledge of the brokerage business, decided to take a lower profile role and concentrate on personal production. Mr. Quiel joined a national brokerage as a one-man branch office. Over the course of the next seven years Mr. Quiel escalated his personal production to be the Top Producing Brokers in the firm. He out produced multi-man offices of more than 25 brokers collectively. He employed two full time traders to handle his client positions and was one of the most recognized and respected colleagues in the entire firm.

Shortly after the .com crash in 2001, Mr. Quiel retired from the brokerage business to pursue his own investment portfolio as Legend Advisor.  At Legend, Mr. Quiel has managed his own portfolio by investing in all types of securities and real estate transactions.  He has helped secure secondary financing for public companies through institutional and investment banks. He has been active in corporate formation and structure.

He has assisted with several hundred million in equity and debt financing for high-risk growth companies. Mr. Quiel’s investments have reached around the world, including the United Kingdom, Peru, Costa Rica and Mexico.

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