The Legend Approach

Partner - Build - Grow

Our Approach

Experienced with over $240 Million Raised

Legend Advisor will assist in accessing the proper channels throughout the investment such as attorneys, brokerage firms, and accountants.

Legend’s services include introductions to investment banks, private investors, hedge funds and market makers.

When taking a company public, it is best to engage a reliable company whose principal has over 30 years of investment banking experience in public offerings and the going public process.

We want to provide financing to its greatest potential and proven results.

Proven Results

Feel free to contact a member of our dedicated staff and discover the unique opportunities that Legend can bring to your company.

We've assisted with several hundred million in equity and debt financing for high-risk growth companies
The Investment Objective

Providing financing for companies that might be starting up, acquiring intellectual property, or meeting current obligations by providing immediate cash flow.

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