Forensic Data Retention Software

Positioned to be a leader provider of forensic data retention software for telecommunications companies, Internet service providers, businesses and law enforcement agencies.

  • In the first year, Legend assisted in the first $10,000 investment into the issuer.

  • In the third year, Legend assisted in obtaining an $8 million investment from an institutional investor.

  • The issuer acquired a software company from Italy that included source codes, patents, trademarks, service marks, and tactical specs in regard to intellectual property. The software helped aid in the monitoring and apprehension of criminals. Driven by the terrorist attacks in New York in September 2001 and Madrid in March 2004, this trend continued to strengthen security.

  • In the fourth year, Legends parent company invested into and assisted in a $1.7 million bridge loan.

  • This bridge loan allowed the acquisition of additional software from a Germany company that was used for law enforcement agencies & other government agencies in Germany Africa & the Middle East.

  • The issuer raised additional capital of $32 million in private institutional financing.

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