Marketing & Distribution of Food Products

Marketed and distributed more than 2,000 food and food-related products to over 2,300 customers throughout Mexico.

  • In the second year, Legend assisted in the first investment of $10,000 into the issuer.

  • In the third year, Legend assisted with the registered offering to raise $24,000.

  • In the fourth year, Legend’s parent company participated and assisted in an additional bridge loan of $1.9 million.

  • The issuer purchased the Miller beer distribution rights in Baja California for $8.6 million by issuing common stock and paid off the debt of the previous license holder.

  • The issuer raised additional capital of $5.5 million.

  • The issuer was able to purchase Piancone Group, who had distribution in Baja California, that the company needed to facilitate its Miller beer distribution.

  • In the fifth year, the issuer was able to buy additional acquisitions of food distribution companies based in Mexico.

  • Through private offerings Legend assisted in raising $16 million that paid back the bridge loan and assisted the issuer with additional acquisitions.

  • Through all the acquisitions, the issuer reached a level of $42 million in revenue and raised additional $21 million.

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